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Shower Glass Restoration

Tired of the endless scrubbing of your glass shower doors, only to have the foggy appearance return in a few days? GroutSolutions is not only your tile and grout professionals, but we also are qualified to have you shower glass restoration to almost new. after daily use, shower glass doors become stained from hard water, soap scum, calcium deposits, and other mineral deposits. These stains build upon it each day and become almost impossible to remove with standard cleaners that you can find at your local store. It may work for a day, but before the weekends your shower glass doors will probably return to their stained and foggy state.

We use industrial strength cleaning for Shower Glass Restoration that is safe for you and the environment to strip the contaminant build-up on your shower glass. Once the glass is cleaned, we will apply a sealer that acts like a repellent to hard water stains and minerals and dirt. The maintenance is easy. Just wash with a mild detergent and water at least once a week and wipe clean. You will no longer need to use harsh chemicals to clean your shower glass, which is dangerous if inhaled or comes into contact with your skin.

In addition to cleaning your shower glass for long-term brilliance with minimal maintenance, we can also restore your shower area by:

  • Providing professional tile and grout cleaning
  • Removing and replacing silicone with the best in the industry
  • Repairing and preparing shower base and shower walls
  • Applying a grout colour seal that will make your shower look brand new