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About Grout Solutions

About GroutSolutions Perth WA

GroutSolutions are a family operated business and proudly serve the Perth WA Metropolitan Areas.


GroutSolutions Unique Restoration Process renovates and rejuvenates your old Tile and Grout and returns it to its former pristine condition. It also protects and prevents any dirt, grime and stains from penetrating into the Tile and Grout and it is environmentally friendly and much easier to maintain in the future years ahead.

GroutSolutions Unique Restoration Process is the most cost effective and best solution to restoring your old Tile and Grout back to its original condition!

Restore the Original Lustre to your Tile and Grout Guaranteed!

There are some things the householder should understand and be aware with regard to their Tile and Grout in their homes. Firstly! When your Tiles were originally laid and then the Grout applied it all looked so good and everything was in pristine condition.

However what has not been mentioned is that the Tiles are sealed but most times the Grout is un- sealed. The Grout is Porous (un-sealed) and over the years the Porous Grout attracts all the dirt and grime and in turn is embedded and penetrates deep into the grout lines and eventually they become impossible to clean.

Apart from the fact that the Grout is Dirty and creates an Unhealthy Environment it also looks unsightly and quite ugly. Now generally speaking most people just accept it and feel there is not much they can do about it. If you have any doubts about what I am saying just look around you because there are Tile and Grout everywhere and when you look at the Tiles you mostly just see the Dirty Grout Lines.

This is were GroutSolutions comes in GroutSolutions have the Technology and the Knowledge to Professionally Clean your Tiles and Grout and then to Seal the Grout permanently and in the process eliminating dirty Grout forever and returning your Tile and Grout to its original pristine condition and this time it will last forever!

What GroutSolutions Can Achieve For You!

  • Much Cheaper Than Replacing Your Existing Tile and Grout!
  • Cheaper than Re-Grouting!
  • Restores Your Old Tile and Grout to Look New Again!
  • Greatly Enhances the Appearance of Your Existing Tile!
  • Maintains A Very Natural Colour Throughout
  • Available in a Range of Many Colours
  • Much Easier to Maintain and You Never Have to Get Down and Scrub Again
  • 10 Year Guarantee! Conditions Apply!