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How do I keep my grout Clean?

The first and foremost step in keeping your grout clean is to make sure it is sealed correctly with a good Colour-Sealer.. This will protect your grout from staining and at the same time it is much easier to clean and maintain in the future.


Before mopping the tile and grout remove all the loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or a broom whichever is more convenient for you?


Clean your tiled floor regularly using a micro fibre mop with a good PH neutral cleaner. Allowing it to sit on the floor for a few minutes this gives the PH cleaner time to do its work. After cleaning use a dry micro fibre mop to remove any excess water in the grout lines.

What is Colour-Sealing and What Does It Achieve?

When your tile was initially laid by the tilers, the chances are that they omitted to seal the Grout-Lines. What this actually means is, that the tile is sealed but the grout is not, the grout is left in a very porous condition, and over time the dirt, grime, stains and dirty mop water will accumulate and penetrate deep into the grout-lines leaving the grout discoloured, unsightly, unhealthy and becomes very difficult to manage or to keep it clean.

There are Seven Very Good Reasons for applying GroutSolutions Colour Sealer to your Grout-Lines. Just check them out below!

The First Reason

GroutSolutions Colour-Seal will seal your Grout-Lines and prevent any future dirt or grime from penetrating into them. Instead the dirt, grime, stains and dirty mop water will just sit on top and it will be simple and easy to remove them.

The Second Reason

What is The Difference Between Un-Sealed Grout And Sealed Grout?

When the Grout is unsealed it means that the Grout-Lines are porous (just like a sponge) and because of this, it allows everything to seep into the grout-lines, and has no protection from all types of dirt, grime, stains and dirty mop water. Leaving your Grout unhealthy, discoloured and not very clean and at this stage it is difficult if not impossible to clean and maintain your tile and grout.

In our society there are Tile and Grout everywhere, you just have to look around and you can understand what I am saying! If you really take notice you will see dirty Grout everywhere surrounding nice Tile that ruins the complete look of the actual Tile.

When you seal the Grout what you are doing is protecting and preventing dirt, spills and stains from penetrating into the Grout-Lines and allowing all this to just sit on top of the Grout-Lines and then it is easily removed quickly and efficiently leaving your tile and grout nice and clean and healthy!

A GroutSolutions Colour-Sealer will penetrate deep into the Grout-Lines forming a protective barrier that will permanently protect your grout!

What is the Difference between Color-Sealing and Clear Sealing?

Well for a start there is a lot of clear Grout-Sealers on the market and the main concern about most of these is that how long will they last for? And the answer to this is not very long.

Also the other problem for Clear-Sealing is that if applied to old Grout you tend to seal in a lot of the grime, dirt and stains as these have penetrated deep into the Grout-Lines and are at times, impossible to remove even with the use of a pressure cleaner or a steam cleaner!

Remember it’s a Clear-Sealer and any imperfections will show through the Clear-Sealer.

GroutSolutions Colour-Sealer is designed to restore your Grout-Lines to look brand new and pristine clean and regardless if your Grout is dirty and discoloured before the Colour Sealing process! It is also designed to last for many years and if you follow a simple maintenance procedure it will last you for 10 to 15 years or perhaps even longer!.

GroutSolutions Colour-Sealer will restore your old grout to look new again returning it to its former pristine condition.

How Do I Organise A Quote?

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How Much Do You Charge For A Quote?

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Why Not Just Give A Quote Over The Phone?

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Do GroutSolutions Require A Deposit Before Commencing Work?

No deposit is required and the reason is that we know and are confident that all work carried out by GroutSolutions will be performed in a very professional manner! We are confident in what we say and also do what we say! You will also have the opportunity to observe the work in progress to ensure your satisfaction!